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Catalogues have to fulfilled their purpose: to reach their target market. Get your catalogue ready with professional looks even for a product soft launch and always keep the information updated. Consumers now routinely expect dynamic digital content, which they receive through smartphones, televisions, and computers. Some may need a little persuasion to spring for that dessert or try a new premium item. Digital menu boards get that message across and encourage guests to make further purchases. Getting noticed and capturing market share isn't about keeping up with the trends. It's about setting them. Adopt more creative and sensible ways to reach and influence customers.
Printing catalogues are an expensive, inflexible, unimaginative and antiquated way of communicating. Being afraid to break tradition, is going to cost more.

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Updating Catalogues

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Create, publish and share your catalogue content all inside any web-browser using any PC, laptop or mobile device with just a few clicks.

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More Than Just A Catalogue
Product Catalogue
Strong engagement is the biggest point working in favor of good visual content. Visual content has the power of building trust in the mind of the viewer.
Taking Pre-Orders
Ordering was never this quick. Escape the hassle of delivering catalogues, picking up client requests and getting back to them.
Market Reach
Access your product catalogue anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet and instantly share with multiple users on any messenger app.
Right Messages
The flexible interface allows you to manage and update catalogue content including prices and promotions, and pull unavailable items off the catalogue.
Cost Saving
Eliminate unnecessary costs on removing outdated products, redesigning catalogues and delays associated with costly printing and distribution fees.
Glow On All Platforms For Every Single Industry

Your catalogue is the mirror image of your business, attractive catalogues can bring customers and sellers close together. Give a new confidence to your sales reps and help them make a sales pitch better and crack a deal faster. When the time has changed, why should your sales approach be old? So, get ready to sell efficiently and effectively with up-to-date catalogues.

Food & Beverage
Dish out your food and beverage menu with more navigable options like signature, ingredients, promotional offers and more.
Fashion & Eyewear
Help your clients find their clothing more easily by size charts, color preferences, materials, brand and more.
Beauty & Healthcare
Sharing success stories with stunning beauty and healthcare products in Katalog helps drive more sales.
Jewelry & Watches
Present your diamond/gold jewelry products by weight, shape, color, brand type or metal used.
Home Déco & Gifts
Showcase a product's multi-angle images and effectively display your home décor and gift inventory.
Childrens Products & Toys
The market needs to be kept up-to-date all the time. Lose the hassle of regularly updating and reprinting your catalogues every new launch.
Electronic & Electrical
Deliver a memorable consumer electronics buying experience to your customers with helpful product specification information.
Consumer & Industrial Products
Bring your product line to life by adding high-quality photos and make a mark on the global market.
Events & Festivals
Events and concerts are mostly season and theme based. With the end of each season or theme, countless unused flyers are thrown away.
Services & Training
Publishing candidates for a human resource company or annoucing an open day for your training center just got easier.
Onboard With Kiitsune Katalog

Make Your Sales Order Quick

Catalogues have helped businesses spread awareness about their products for decades. Staying updated through a good communication medium is the mantra for a sales business.

Don't Delay Sales
Are you still taking phone calls and informing people about the latest development? Are you tired of telling the number of stocks available to each customer?
A phone call is associated with the one-to-one process. You can only speak with one person at one time. This could delay sales activity.
Don't Turn Into Loss
Are you manually changing your outdated product prices or crossing out unavailable products in every single one of your printed catalogues?
It is crucial for companies to stay updated with the current products and their prices. The price of a product may be unstable over the course of time. The out-of-date pricing can push the business towards losing a huge amount of money.
Expand Your Geographic Reach

The world is full of handy gadgets and smart devices, with the help of modernised gadgets and the internet, lay a foundation for a successful business. Today, companies are choosing digital communication over paper as an agent to promote brand image. They have adopted technology in one way or another to participate in the market challenge. Start looming your label with the advancement of technology that assists in boosting your business growth.

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